Candy & Chocolate Giftsets

Holy Cow can customize creative candy & chocolate boxes. A sampling of the boxes is provided below.
Order custom candy and chocolate gift sets at 1-844-hcp-logo OR candymenow

How to order custom candy today?

What is your gifting style?
A boxed bento or if you like to shake things up with a candy martini shaker...
4piece4 piece bento steel martini shakersteel shaker with candy


lucite shaker


How would you like your message delivered?
With a subtle insert, with your signature monogram, a whole designed sleeve or cover...

 custom sleeve

custome sleeve

box insert

box insert

custom logo
Logo candy box

hang tag

steel shaker with candy


lucite shaker


your design here

 And now the fun part, what is your favorite candy type for the gift boxes?
Fruity, caramely, or perhaps a little boozy...Mix & match depending upon your box too!

tropical package
bloodorange, lemon fruttini, gummy mango
essential package
apple pie, frogs, fuzzy monkeys
wine & beer
 wine & beer candy
champagne bears, pale ale pints, sparkling rose
rum & tequila
 rum & tequila candy
tequila grapefruit, cuba libre, skinny margarita
caramel one
 caramel candy
dark chocolate, english toffee, maple bourbon
caramel two
 caramel candy
matcha green tea, peanut butter, pb&j