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Thank you for your continued commitment to each other and yourselves in these uncertain and challenging times. We're honored you choose Holy Cow Promo Products day in and day out as your go-to supplier for promotional product needs. Here at Holy Cow, we value our people and humanity first. Physiological needs and safety of our people is rapidly becoming our top priority, a few things that we took for granted not too long ago. We are living in ambiguous and uncertain times. And uncertain times call for unique measures. We hope that we always have the privilege to be your first-choice supplier for curated promotional merchandise and corporate gifting. But in the meantime, you and your organization may have need for basic and essential products. In keeping up with the times, our values and standing strong in human solidarity, we’ve made the decision to do what is best for the community. Thank you for your kindess, resilience, and solidarity!


With over 20 years of experience in branding and printing and the promotional market the owners wanted to create an easy way to order products and add a logo. Curated memorable products are arranged on a 3P-timesaver system on our website. You choose your product type and we provide three price points, big mooove, bigger mooove, the mooover. Look for our three cows for pricing tiers as you navigate the site. Pick a product as per your budget , send us a logo, and we send you the branded product.



Picked. Branded. Ordered. Delivered.


After researching about promotional websites the common user complaint was that there were too many products to choose from. Your endless product search ends here. Our curation is based in our strong background in marketing and thought leadership in trend forecasting. We curate the hottest products that the receiver wants to cherish. We organize these products as per interest. Our interest or activity  based shopping sectors are travel, home, work, play, and create. And if you do not find what you are looking for, fear not and call the cow!  We can pretty much source anything for your from anywhere and get your logo on it (within reason of course). 


Big picture idea and small detail execution done with efficiency is our motto. We help build brands through association with products used everyday by people who appreciate a great product and an equally great brand. We understand your needs and provide you with unique solutions & products  that are  cherished by your users & truly represent your brand. If you do not have marketing or logo design in place, we can help you with that, taking your products from concept to creation. Your brand here is the place for you.  In the end, you are important to us. We love our customers! From the small entrepreneur to the largest national brands, these are our customers and we are proud to work with every one of them.  We are here to support you with your branding needs. 


Our base is in experiential marketing. We engage our customer and invite you to be part of the process. The product that you brand should be an experience. Promo does not have to be sifting through 1000s of products and broker the best price. As a consumer, you should not follow trends, your company should create the trend. Let us help you in being the promo trend setters. We can help you do just that! At the risk of sounding a little 'cowky' (sorry, could not help ourselves), We want to change the way you do Promo. Join us in this paradigm shift for the promo industry!  Give us a call today and let us build a door together!



 So, pick today from one of our core focus areas and elevate your brand! 

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